Frequently Asked Questions
1. How far is the beach? We are about a 5 minute walk to a sandy beach. The walk goes down a gentle hill, through a beautiful natural area, and opens up on the beach. A short walk to the left as you face the ocean takes you to an area often used for swimming. The area can be recognized because it is directly in front of a modern condo complex named "Blue Green".
2. Is Villa de la Mariposa near the airport? It is about a 20 minute drive to the airport from the villa.
3. Where are the good restaurants? Almost every restaurant is excellent (competition is fierce for the tourist dollars). Local favorites include Mori Mai, Baileys, Chilis, 21, The Waterfront, Bolonias, Chez Arzinos, Jose O'Sheas, Casa de Papi, and many, many more. Jose, my property manager, can take you to any of these or give directions should you wish to drive.
4. Where are the supermarkets? The City Market is located just on the main road when leaving the villa. They are an up and coming supermarket and increasing their quality of fruits, vegetables, and meats weekly. The largest supermarket is the Playero located on the main road in Sosua. If you cannot find the groceries you want at these two supermarkets, chances are you will have to go a couple hours away. The selection and quality is excellent at both of these supermarkets.
5. Are all the drivers crazy? Almost.... Jose may be one of the few exceptions. If you choose to rent a car, pay extra for the insurance and be careful of the other drivers.
6. Where is the nearest hospital? A new clinic (small hospital) is about 5 minutes from the villa. It is on the right going towards Sosua. It has a 24 hour emergency room and the staff seems capable of helping in any situation. Larger hospitals are located in Puerto Plata and in other large cities. I have been to this hospital on several occasions with my family and staff and have been pleased with the service and treatment received.
7. Who do I call if I have a problem at the house? Our guest cell phone has the numbers for the police, fire department, and most important of all, Jose's number. If anything happens either at the house or in town, feel free to contact Jose. He can help in almost every situation. He is the "Go To Man" for Villa de la Mariposa. If he can't fix it, he knows someone who can!
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